Circadian Eyewear

Circadian Eyewear is designed and developed to maintain balanced and stable circadian rhythms without giving up the benefits of modern lifestyle. Our blue blockers help to sync the circadian rhythms with the natural environment for a better hormonal balance and health. They unlock the body’s innate healing powers and boost the immune system for a healthier life.
Our blue blocking lens ORPHEUS is classified as a class 1 medical device and regularly tested by The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority. 


Circadian Eyewear prevents the blue portion of the light spectrum from reaching the eyes. Scientific research has shown that the brain interprets this blocking of blue light as total darkness (virtual darkness) and starts the production and release of the hormone melatonin. This sleep-promoting hormone is the most potent source of antioxidant and an active component of the night-time rhythms.


Blue Blocking Lenses

Blue-blocking lenses have existed since the early 1950 and have been used for a variety of reasons. About the year 2000, researchers realized that blue light is the only part of the visible light spectrum which synchronizes the biological master clock with the natural environment. The attention shifted to production of lenses that would block blue light to send a virtual darkness signal to the brain even in presence of an electric light source rich in blue light waves.



About the year 2000, researchers realized that blue light is the only part of the visible light spectrum which synchronizes the biological master clock with the natural environment. 


Our ORPHEUS lens has been designed and developed in collaboration with two of the world's leading lens laboratories to cut 99% of blue lights while leaving other wavelengths almost untouched. This allows for best blue blocking, virtual darkness, condition while providing a great light transmittance factor ideal for most tasks before bedtime, including exposure to electronic screens.  

Circadian Eyewear is designed to give a comfortable and tight fit for full coverage against the peripheral light. This is to ensure that the only light which reaches the eyes has been filtered through our tested ORPHEUS lenses which block all blue light. The brain will interpret the lack of blue lights as if it experiences total darkness (virtual darkness) and allows the start of melatonin secretion.

Circadian Eyewear blocks the blue portion of the light spectrum from reaching the eyes.



As tested blue blockers, Circadian Eyewear becomes a modern day necessity. By regulating the body's circadian rhythms, our blue blocking glasses promote timely and quality sleep which is crucial for overall health. There is an increasing body of scientific research on the effects of blue blocking glasses on improving physiological and psychological health. Since the secretion of melatonin starts shortly after wearing Circadian Eyewear, we are listing series of health issues which are directly associated with hormonal imbalance and melatonin levels in the body. 

Circadian Eyewear blue blockers can be used as a preventive measure or a treatment for:

Sleep Disorders
Weight Management 
Shift Work Disorder 
Athletic Recovery 

Jet Lag 
Aging & Dementia 
Postpartum Depression 
Bipolar Disorder 
SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) 
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity)

Circadian Eyewear Collection 

By regulating the body's circadian rhythms, Circadian Eyewear promotes timely and quality sleep which is crucial for overall health.  


There are number of peer-reviewed research papers published in relation to blue light and its effect on entraining of the circadian rhythms. There are also numerous scientific published papers on melatonin and its effect on physiological and mental health. In addition numbers of peer-reviewed research papers have been published on the effects of total and virtual darkness on health.

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